The Rescue

The sea was tossing me up and down,
Me, haggard, me, jaded, me, torn,
On an assuming voyage, tumultuous, forlorn,
The waves sank some dreams and washed down wills,
The waters played the calm assassin, acted by mere whims.

I could see the rocks lining the shore,
I saw a faint daylight, i saw the sky change tone,
The waves were pushing me towards the sand,
The land i had never known, the joy, the lush yellow!
I closed my eyes, afraid, i wasn’t used to hope.

I slept peacefully, it was just too blissful,
I dreamt of pigeons in skies, and one happy smile,
I sensed i was lying in the sand when i opened my eyes,
The waves had abandoned me and the sun was high,
And i saw something laying in the sand: a pen to write.

Subham Basak

(June 28, 2014)


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