The Small Marriage

They were just sitting there, facing each other before the calm and tender river that was flowing past. Their eyes were fixed, and so was the tender glow in them that they failed to conceal. They were just sitting there, and they were not talking. They were aware of how beautiful the evening was, and how the white neon-powered lights had illuminated the bank endeavoring to compliment their love, but only subconsciously. Silence had taken the two souls deeper into depths than even the river was proud of. They both knew the evening was conspiring for them to finally kiss, but they both couldn’t. Somehow, to both of them, the moment felt too beautiful to break. The world for them had stopped moving, had stopped mattering.

They were not just sitting there. Deep within, not that they realised, they were marrying in silent ceremony.

(July 6, 2014)


6 thoughts on “The Small Marriage

  1. I won’t say it is splendid. It’s like the twilight serein touching my lids and a glimmer of passion getting inside. Slowly and inevitably. I shall keep my senses uncovered lest they miss a drop….


  2. You say right? I don’t know honestly. Words are always right even if inadequate or haywire. More reading, experience and observation season us. More so for those who can create art forms. Like you.


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