Love or Easy Happiness?

Love, right? Easy, right? Then let’s surmise.

What are we but insecure little creatures out searching for a satisfaction we do not fully understand, yet believing it to come easy, really easy, and end up selling and distributing ourselves to all those people who are searching for similar stuff and have chosen us?

So it’s about choice, right?

So. I have you. But I never searched for you. I never knew you. I only was searching for my own selfish satisfaction, completion or simply, likeable company. I ended up finding you, and claiming to find every last one of the above. Yet, for whomever it is we’ve found, we could have found someone else and find ourselves to be claiming equally gigantically. We would never have chosen whom we’ve chosen if our needs were not fulfilled. So do we love them? Or do we just love how they make us feel a little less lonely, a bit less unhappy? Have we really found at all what we were searching for? Did you ever even know? For one second? Or it’s just a way of giving us less trouble over the ill-defined search we subconsciously embark on in our lives, compromising true happiness for early happiness?

Really? Have we found IT? True love? True happiness? True satisfaction? Or are we hypocrites before easy love, after we are just too tired of searching?

Tell me, yes you, human in love! Do you really know what you think you know? Love? Of all things? Then, are you ready to compromise your happiness and still keep loving? Or are you not thinking?


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