The Film You Cannot Forget

Today, I watched Schindler’s List. Today, I saw the muscle of a movie, the delicate yet indelible ability of art.

There am I, writing posts in an ostentatious blog and there was Oskar Schindler crying out that he could have saved some more lives if only he had wasted some less money, after having saved not mere men but a hopeless humanity. A film that explores the change of a man against the gory backdrop of history’s cruelest war, and shows that the human mind is a work of such beauty that it has all the power and reasons to turn empathetic and kind, when all reasons apparently betray the notion, and maybe just enough to change the world. At a juncture when power was waging wars, overturning lives and instilling fear, Schindler tells Goeth that “Power is when we have every justification to kill, and we don’t.”. This legendary scene impersonates the movie, and seemingly implants the seed of the new Schindler and a new humaneness in Schindler and the generations of audience alike.

Schindler only had the power of money.With power comes responsibility, and in trying times, for a Schindler, often the responsibility amounts to saving a world by saving a life, even when you’re a German in a World War, and more so because you’re a German in the 2nd World War.

In the beginning of ninetees, while there were know-all’s criticizing politics, cricket and the degradation of movies, there was one man who was making this movie. This movie that is unforgettable, this movie that must leave the eyes bathed and generations moved.
Today, I begin to be grateful to him who planted anew the future of generations and to him who recreated his deed and made it visually immortal. Today, I am grateful, thankful and respectful not to God for this tiny inconsequential life of mine, but to the real Gods of humanity much before. We once had a Schindler, who was but a human like me and today, I watched his story.



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