The Tale of the Goddess

You are simply capable of watching her as you’re not her,

Safe is your distance, safe ‘cause she is burning,

And you don’t know what the fire is, what keeps it ablaze,

You don’t know what it is to be her.

Down on her knees, clenching the teeth, arms thrown above,

You see everything, and you see not the fire.

You noticed if the knees are smooth, teeth beautiful, arms pretty;

You noticed not the female, you know not the fire.


Ah! Your pleasure, your desire, your wishes,

Your rules, your world, your leftover in dishes,

You the tyrant hypocrite, you the pervert in masquerade,

Look at those eyes today invoking just pity,

She, down, diminished; look, you the one above.

She kneels at the centre, surmounted, surrounded,

Clenched teeth hide the scream, a smile hiding the teeth,

She stares at everyone in the circle, stares, only hysterical,

At the father, friend, brother, or a relation only legal,

Her silence inquires, of two-faced villainy, of a vanity brutal.


She deserved worship, all that she asked for was love,

And yet you could not let go of your sexist air, cowardly maleness,

You, who sarcasm only yourself, you the peace-lover, you the ignorant,

The Goddess patiently awaits redemption, the Goddess you call a cunt.

(Pic Courtesy: )

Subham Basak

(December 24, 2015)


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